Nature Inside Out: The Naives of Argentina and Brazil

GINA Gallery’s new exhibition, Nature Inside Out, which opened on January 12, showcases the finest naïve artists from Argentina and Brazil. Each one creates a colorful world for the viewer to enter and share.  Whether depicting the lush, fragrant flowers arrayed for sale on a street corner by  the local florist  or the overgrown river bank where a woman comes to collect water for her family,  the characters we meet are thoroughly at home in their natural environment.

Family Flower Shop by Eduardo Ungar (Argentina)


Woman Collecting Water by Mara Toledo (Brazil)

Naive artists’ works are enriched by new experiences and inspirations. In “Tel Aviv from My Window”, a Brazilian artist shares her visit to Tel Aviv, looking out over the city with its iconic smokestack on the horizon.  Back home in Buenos Aires, an Argentinean pays homage to Edward Hopper by incorporating his woman in white into a playful street scene filled with people of all ages and assorted pets.


Tel Aviv from My Window by Paulina Pinsky (Brazil)


Homage to Edward Hopper's Summertime by Maria Laura Bratoz (Argentina)

Whether the artist takes us into the countryside or brings us to a sidewalk in a pulsing city, the shared vision and talent of the naives rest in transforming the mundane into the magical.

The exhibition, Nature Inside Out, at GINA Gallery in Tel Aviv, will continue through March 23, 2012. Navigate to the GINA Gallery web site by clicking on the “What’s New” tab at the top of the Blog page to view more selections from this marvelous show.  If you see something you like, contact us at  for more information and a price quotation.


Introducing GINA Gallery Art Blog


The holiday season is upon us and excitement is in the air.  At GINA Gallery we are especially happy to be launching the GINA Gallery Art Blog. Here you will be able to find postings about what is taking place at the Gallery and out in the naive art world.  In addition, the Blog will acquaint you with wonderful artists, their communities and the rich experiences of GINA Gallery’s proprietor, Dan Chill. We hope  that what you read here will resonate and pique your interest, stimulate dialogue and debate adding to better understanding and enjoyment of the genre of naive art.

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Let the Blogging Begin!