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HeART Songs: Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou


Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou ("Sophia") is Greece's leading nave artist. Sophia was born in Athens in 1946, and has lived in Athens throughout her life. After graduating from the University of Athens with a degree in Law and Political-Economic Sciences, she went on to study music at the Athens Conservatory. In the early 1970s, Sophia studied vocal performance in Vienna with the opera greats, Tito Gobbi and Hilda Gueden. She appeared in 1976-77 as a soloist in La Traviata at the Vienna State Opera.

Eventually, Sophia chose to leave the world of opera and life as a diva, and yet never abandoned the music world entirely. Her paintings are alive with music, depicting the fanciful worlds she once inhabited on stage: operatic and ballet scenes shimmering with bursting bubbles and brilliant colors. Rather than turning her back on the world of opera, she has fitted it into a different medium. Sophia's works are replete with music-related themes, subtle humor, bright colors and philosophical musings, depicting and reflecting upon life's rich-but fleeting-moments.

And now, Sophia's works are coming to Israel's shores. Thirty new works will grace the walls of GINA Gallery of International Nave Art ("GINA Gallery"), in Tel Aviv's old north. GINA Gallery is the world's only gallery specializing in International Nave Art.  GINA Gallery works with over 200 artists from 37 different countries, fully capturing the dynamic variations and complexity that exists within the Nave genre.

Sophia's works will highlight the new exhibition, "HeART Songs", reflecting the theme of music in Nave Art. Sophia's work will be displayed in the upper gallery in conjunction with works of tens of artists from 37 different countries that will be displayed in the lower gallery, all with a musical connection.

GINA Gallery of International Art

Dizengoff 255, Tel-Aviv

Tel: 035444150

Fax: 035444160

Opening Hours:

Monday Thursday: 12pm 9pm

Friday and Holiday Eve: 10am 2pm

Diva with Eagle ( Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou / Greece )

Playing the Giraffe ( Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou / Greece )

Papagena (The Magic Flute) ( Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou / Greece )

Melpomeni- The Muse of Music ( Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou / Greece )

GINA Gallery of International Naive Art, 255 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv 63117, Israel  |  Monday-Thursday 12:00-21:00, Friday & holiday eves 10:00-14:00  |  Phone: 972-3-544-4150