Shlomi Asher

Shlomi Asher was born in Tirat Carmel in 1958

Danced professionally in the Inbal troupe and Flamenco troupe in Israel and Spain.

He worked with glass and stained glass, mainly creating glass lighting fixtures, using sea glass he collected.

He began painting in 2007 and studied at the Avni Institute.

Firstly exhibited in 2012 at GINA Gallery and then the Naive Art Exhibition in Katowice, Poland.

In 2015 he had a solo exhibition “Yet, there is something to her”, at Dorit Gur Gallery.

His works can be found in private collections.

Shlomi paints the city of Tel Aviv, where he lives, and in his paintings he expresses the unique way of life of the city: the buildings, the Israeli light and the people living in it, with the taste of the past, simple and warm.

In recent years he has been working in a hostel for the mentally disabled as a rehabilitation guide using art therapy.

Studied Qigong training at the Wingate Institute and began teaching healing through movement according to Chinese medicine.

Group Exhibitions
2012 “The 5th International Naif Art Festival”, Galeria Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Poland

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