Rosina Becker Do Valle

1941 (-2000) Born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

She was a housewife until 1955 when she took up painting as a hobby, subsequently enrolling in a painting course in the Modern Art Museum of Rio De Janeiro.
A very well known artist in Brazil, as well as in many other countries, where she frequently and successfully presented her art, Rosina painted up to the age of 86 , being one of the headfigures in the Brazilian naןve art world.

Solo Exhibitions
1963 Gead Gallery, Rio de Janeiro,
1969 Palacio Da Foz, Lisbon, Portugal

Group Exhibitions
1959 Petite Galerie, Rio de Janeiro
1967 “National Final Arts Salon”
1967 5th Biennial of Sao Paulo
1968 “National Final Arts Salon”
1968 6th Biennial of Sao Paulo
1969 “National Final Arts Salon”
2003 “The Naןve World”, GINA Gallery of International Naןve Art, Tel Aviv

Public Collections
Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro
Modern Art Museum of Sao Paulo
Musee d’Art Naif de L’ile de France, Vicq, France
The Modern Art Museum of Hamburg,
The Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires
Musee d’Art Naif, Paris
Caixa Economica Federal Museum of Rio de Janeiro.

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