Silvia Hilale

1952 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Studied at Julio Muneza’s Plastic Arts Atelier

Solo Exhibitions
1980 Lirolay Gallery, Banking Association, Buenos Aires
1988 Marienbad Gallery, Buenos Aires
1990 Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires

Group Exhibitions
1992 7th Actuality in Art Painting Exhibition
1992 1st Little Format Saloon, Tokyo Art Gallery, Tokyo
1994 “Construction of the Memory”, AMIA Building, Buenos Aires
1994 Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
1999 Bollini Foundation Painting Saloon, xxxx
2004 “The Biblical World”, GINA Gallery of International Naןve Art, Tel Aviv
Campus Gallery Hankin, Holon, Israel

1979 Special Mention, San Fernando Autumn Saloon, San Fernando, Buenos Aires
1979 4th Prize Alba’s Outdoors Painting Saloon
1980 Special Mention, “Young Art Argentine Saloon”, UNESCO’s Friends Club
1981 Mention, “Lanus’ Municipal Saloon”, Lanus, Buenos Aires Province
1983 1st Prize, “Tigre’s Municipal Saloon”, Tigre, Buenos Aires Province
1992 2nd Prize Postal Stamp design competition about AIDS prevention, Buenos Aires
1998 Honor Grand Prize, “Childhood Patronage”, Buenos Aires
1999 Mention, “Autumn SAAP Saloon”, Buenos Aires

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