Gunnar Nielsen

1938 Born in Aalborg, Denmark
1960 Studied Graphic printing
1968 Completed Masters at the Graphic college
Worked as a teacher at Aalborg technical school
Worked in the graphic department
Self-taught artist

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Advo Nord Logstor, Denmark
2005 Advo Nord Logstor, Denmark
2006 Kunstforeningen Tulip Randers, Denmark
2006 Advokaterne Haugaard og Nielsen, Aalborg, Denmark
2007 Norresundby Bank, Vestbjerg, Denmark

Group Exhibitions
2002 Galleri Beck Ravnstrup, Denmark
2003 Galleri Beck Ravnstrup, Denmark
2004 Galleri Beck Ravnstrup, Denmark
2005 Fussingo Slot, Denmark
2005 Kunst og Kofangere, Denmark
2005 Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Denmark
2006 Al Landsens Naivister, Denmark
2006 Kunstgaarden Tylstrup, Denmark
2007 Al Landsens Naivister, Denmark
2007 Kunstgaarden Tylstrup, Denmark
2007 Jul pa Radhuset – Gammeltorv, Aalborg, Denmark
2008 Al Landsens Naivister, Denmark
2008 Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, Denmark
2008 GINA Gallery of International Naןve Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

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