Eduardo Ungar



Cafe Los Angelitos
Cards and Billiard
Fitting Room
Florist in Red
Florista Family
On the Avenue
Pizza Delivery
Snack Bar at the Costanera


A Feast of Flowers
A Gift for the Librarian
A Gift for the Librarian II
A Peace Offering
A Tango Step
A Welcoming Kiss
After Office Hours
After Office Hours
An Intimate Corner
Arranging the Bouquet
At the Dance
At the Movies
Balconies by Day
Balconies by Night
Ballroom of Lights (triptych)
Bells and Carousels
Billiard II
Bow Tie or Tie?
Bus Depot at Dawn
Bus Stop
Cafe Las Violetas
Cafe Tortoni
Cakes and Hearts
Cards and Billiards
Chatting at the Tango Bar
Club La Mimosa
Coffee Library
Coffee Shop
Conversation Among the Flowers
Conversations in the Market
Couple at the Bar
Dancing Til the End of Time
Difficult Choice
Dog, Cat and Flowers
Double Doubt
Emotional Arrivals and Departures
Family Flower Shop
Florist and Family
Florist at Night
Florist at Night
Florist During the Day
Flowers for My Love
Flowers for My Love
Greeting the Suitor
Happy Anniversary
Happy Birthday
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Hugging in the Hall
Ice-Cream Man and Flowers
Inside Las Violetas
It Takes Two to Tango
Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dreams
Kissing in the Hall
Laces of Love
Las Violetas – Pastry Shop
Las Violetas – Restaurant
Moment of Decision
Morning at the Flower Shop
Morning in Las Violetas
Moving Day
Musicians on the Stairs
Musicians’ Moving Day
My World of Flowers
Night and Game
Night of Tango
Nocturnal Bar
Nocturnal Carousel
On Guard
On the Palc (Theater Box)
Outside La Violetas
Passionate Embrace
Pizza and Ice Cream
Preparing for the Tango Ball I
Preparing for the Tango Ball II
Promenading With Dog
Rendezvous Corner
Restaurant Bar
Returning Home
Revolving Doors
Romantic Night
Romantic Tango
Salon de Tango
Shall I Gamble?
Shall We Dance?
Shall We Dance? II
Snack Bar
Taking a Break
Tango and Carnations
Tango and Fan
Tango and Milonga
Tango Club
Tango Club
Tango in the Pub
Tango on the Dance Floor
Tango on the Terrace
Tango Passion
Tango Passion
Tango Patio
Tango Salon
Tango Salon
Tango Show II
Tango Songs and Dance
Teatime at Las Violetas
The Billiard Championship
The Broom Vendors
The Bus Tire
The Cameo and Las Violetas
The Caress of Music and Dance
The Family
The Flower and Plant Vendors
The Flower Family
The Flower Stand
The Fussing Dress Maker
The Girls II
The Jealous Jogger
The Kiss
The Last Ball
The Little Piano Bar
The Love Letter
The Man in the Park
The Music of the Night
The Neighbors
The Pantry
The Pears are Delicious
The Postman Kisses Twice
The Singer
The Suitor’s Gladiolas
The Tango Ball
The Tango Contest
The Tortoni Bar
Train Station
Travel Agency
Waiting for My Love
Walking the Dog
What a Hot Day
Woman in the Plaza

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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