GINA Gallery of International Naive Art (GINA Gallery) was founded in 2003 by Dan Chill, an international corporate lawyer who developed a passion for Naive Art during his business travels. His vision and desire was to highlight the international aspect of the Naive Art genre. Under his leadership, the gallery has achieved significant success and his dedication to promoting artists from around the world has earned the gallery a strong international reputation and a loyal customer base.

GINA Gallery’s agenda is to raise awareness of, and to promote, naïve art from all over the world. To this end, it has established long-term relationships with many naïve artists worldwide.

GINA Gallery seeks to support the naïve artists’ quest for “Paradise Lost”; to encourage them to share their timeless vision of everyday life; and to provide them with a forum to bare the child-like ruminations of their hearts and souls. In parallel, GINA Gallery hopes to facilitate the entry into this field of talented, mostly self-taught artists (young and old) who strive to relate – by means of brush, paint and canvas – the fairy tale figments of their fertile imaginations.

The gallery presents changing exhibitions of naïve paintings from around the world, which offer the visitor an overview of the wide diversity of naïve art styles among the various countries as well as within each country.

As Dan, in mid-2024, sought to retire and focus his energy on writing a book on Naïve art, he transferred GINA Gallery’s control to a young visionary group of entrepreneurs seeking to take it to its next exciting phase. The team that will make it happen:

Avraham (“Avram”) Katzin fell in love with Naïve Art over a decade ago on his visits to Benny Landa’s offices while representing Landa Labs in Rehovot. His connection with the genre was deepened when serving as Senior Legal Counsel and Head of Deals at OurCrowd under Dan’s son, Caleb Chill, who also displayed several naïve artworks in his offices. Finally, Avram served as the gallery’s lawyer and his love for the genre and GINA Gallery was only strengthened by his personal involvement in furthering its success. Avram is committed to supporting Dan’s legacy and to enabling GINA Gallery to achieve its full potential.

Tal Bratman, a long-time client and supporter of the gallery, owns and operates web-hosting firms abroad, including in the USA, where he has served over 12,000 clients over a period of more than 20 years. He has also owned and operated several other physical and online businesses. Tal will focus his time and efforts in supporting the gallery’s modernization and incorporation of online sales, in optimizing processes and in enhancing GINA’s marketing, advertising and branding locally and globally. With the support of his uncle, Tzedi Sarfati, the famous television presenter, director, and former actor, Tal will carefully help improve the image of the gallery and its artists.

Yochai Meital, Avram’s business partner, is also a corporate lawyer, with experience in team and project management at the law firms of Shimron Molho, Yigal Arnon, Yossi Levy and Afcon among others. Since October 7th, Yochai has been intensely involved in his IDF reserve duty role, commanding the medical corps war room Northern Command and the response of IDF medical forces to save lives and tend to wounded in the battle for the security of Israel’s northern border. Yochai is looking forward to returning to civilian life when the war ends, and is hoping to fully join the team where we believe that his professionalism and gravitas will be an asset to the gallery.

Ma’ayan Israeli, the gallery’s Artistic Director and Curator, is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts from London Metropolitan University. Ma’ayan has invested tremendous energy over the past seven years in bringing the gallery to new heights of sophistication and artistic professionalism, and embodies the cornerstone of the gallery’s future improvement. She, together with the new group, will be responsible for safeguarding not only Dan’s legacy but also the gallery’s status and reputation for artistic excellence.

GINA Gallery’s patrons:

Tomer Treves: Co-Founder and President of Adnimation, a leading publishers agency, managing ad sales for top online publishers and maximizing results through proprietary technology and professional service. Tomer is Adnimation’s brand ambassador and handles strategic alliances and projects. Tomer specializes in International Business Development, Online Marketing and Advertising, Entrepreneurship, and Management. He is also an author and a social activist with a vision of making the world a better place, one step at a time. As a long-time supporter and fan of GINA Gallery, Tomer stepped in to support its transition to new management with the aim of bringing the gallery into a new era of expansion and success. As an integral actor in the gallery’s future, Tomer will guide the new management team to new heights, empowering them to share the light, joy and love of GINA Gallery with the world!

Liat Sverdlov: Investment Partner at OurCrowd, leading investments, and supporting and advising companies throughout the world, across a wide range of technologies with focus on Climate-Technologies. Liat is an executive with over 20 years of experience working in US, Europe and Israel. Before joining OurCrowd, Liat was the Head of Investments, Acquisitions and Partnerships in Israel for TCL Corporation. Prior to that, Liat was a Director in Nokia and in Alcatel-Lucent’s CTO and Strategy organizations, responsible for partnerships, investments and M&A assessments in Israel, the USA and Europe. She was also a consultant at McKinsey & Company Business Technology Office in New York, advising senior executives in Fortune 500 companies on how to derive business value from technology. With counterparts around the world and experience in Investments and Project Management in global organizations across multiple geographies, Liat will be indispensable to the gallery’s new management as they work towards realizing the goal of expanding GINA Gallery internationally!

Dan Goldman: President and CEO of Cross-Country Box Company Inc., USA. For more than 50 years, Cross-Country Box Company custom manufactures boxes in all styles – with the goal of finding the best box packaging that suits the specific needs. A long-time client of GINA Gallery, Dan stepped in to support its transition to new management. As the new gallery team works to establish and expand online and international sales, and begins boxing and shipping GINA Reproductions and Artworks abroad, Dan’s expertise will enable GINA to hone the delicate art of exactly how to securely and beautifully box such unique items for shipment, to highlight and enhance their beauty, whether directly to purchasers or to be delivered to others as gifts and thereby giving GINA Gallery a tremendous advantage in its expansion. 

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