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The Lion King by Dvora Gutman
Joyful Weekend by Dvora Gutman
At the Drive In by Yitzhak Buberman
Love Parade by Joop Plasmeyer
America by Joop Plasmeyer
The Art Exhibition by Aviva Sonsino
The Duck Pond Square by Aviva Sonsino
Cyclamens in Jaffa by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Sunflowers for Tel Aviv by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Welcome to Golan by Galia Ron
Bahai Gardens by Aviva Sonsino
Shabbat in Our Village by Tova Tzvik
Coffee Bar by Tova Tzvik
Football by Rosina Becker Do Valle
Catching the Morning Bus by Roxana Muchnik
A Beautiful French Day by Sharon Ascherl
The Suitor’s Gladiolas by Eduardo Ungar
Happy Anniversary by Eduardo Ungar
Summer Vacation by Veronica Labat
The Neighborhood Carousel by Lidia Papic
My Daughter’s Farm by Maria Terzi
A Bach Concert by Virginia Bellati
Promenading at the Bolsom Fair by Veronica Labat
Butterflies by Mara Toledo
Water is a Blessing by Lucia Buccini
Watching the Game by Fred Breebaart
At the End of a Day by Yitzhak Buberman
Lighthouse Golf by Fred Breebaart
Proud To Be Cop by Aimo Katajainen
Lucky in Love by Per-Olof Olsson
Spring Fever by Per-Olof Olsson
The Dream Couple by Katja Mesikammen
The Happy Forest by Katja Mesikammen
Pumpkin Harvest by Manuel Castro
Playing Cards by Manuel Castro
Feeding the Geese by Manuel Castro
The Roofs of Paris by Charlotte Lachapelle
Kitchen Cacophony by Yolande Salmon-Duval
The Bird Chorale by Yolande Salmon-Duval
Homage to Positano by Cesare Novi
Pont Neuf/ Paris by Alessandra Puppo
Holiday Island by Alessandra Puppo
The Mermaid Ferry by Alessandra Puppo
Picking Olives by Cesare Marchesini
Scything the Hay by Cesare Marchesini
Country Marriage by Cesare Novi
Winter Landscape by Cesare Marchesini
The Towers of San Giminieno by Cesare Marchesini
Water Mill in Winter by Cesare Marchesini
The White Horse by Cesare Marchesini
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