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Little Houses by Paulina Pinsky
Prelude by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
Soaring by David Toaquiza
Window to the Jungle by David Toaquiza
Gorilla and Friends by David Toaquiza
Swallows in Flight by David Toaquiza
Joys of the Jungle by David Toaquiza
Summer Reading by Genevieve Terver-Noel
The House by the Lake by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Scenic View of the Rockies by Genevieve Terver-Noel
The Old Furnace by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Countryside by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Old Friends Playing Hopscotch by Genevieve Terver-Noel
A Perfect Match! by Francine Cuylits
Amsterdam Serenade by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
Mazal Tov by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Tu Bishvat by Christa Burkardt Prusman
The Garden Stork by Agnes Bogaert
The Gardener’s Wife by Agnes Bogaert
Black + White – The Ceramics Shop by Christine Servais
Along the River by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Family Portrait by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Fountain of Youth by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Tel-Aviv, Tchernihovsky Street corner Bograshov Street by Avraham Kan
Day and Night by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Same Problem Every Year by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Grandma’s Delicious Soup by Marthe Comtois
The General Store by Marthe Comtois
Colorado Springs by Claudine Pieters
A Beautiful Family by Royal Leger
The Morning Train by Alvaro Gaitan Barrios
Cycling in the Country (diptych) by Royal Leger
Leaving School by Claudine Pieters
October in the Country by Sharon Mark
Shepherd Under the Apple Tree by Genevieve Jost
The Girls Dreams by Dvora Gutman
Jaffa in Bloom by Rachel Knopp
Umbrellas Over Jaffa by Rachel Knopp
The Flute and the Galilee by Rachel Knopp
The Market by Aviva Sonsino
Visiting Paradise by Victoria Toaquiza
Sweethearts by Karmen Garcia
Yellow Corn Harvest by Angelina Quic Ixtamer
Husking the Corn by Angelina Quic Ixtamer
Serenading My Love 2 by Tirza Horin Karagulla
The Clock House by Nira Lev
Cats By the Sea by Aviva Sonsino
Memories of India by Tirza Horin Karagulla
Spring in the Valley by Tirza Horin Karagulla
Night of the Full Moon by Dvora Gutman
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