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Harrisonís Department Store by Heinz Sedlick
Shopping at Abrahamís by Heinz Sedlick
Autumn Leaves by Dora Sedlick
Adam and Eve by Dora Sedlick
Spring Evening by Olaf Ulbricht
Enjoying the Weekend by Olaf Ulbricht
Preparing For Winter by Olaf Ulbricht
A Toast at Sunset by Olaf Ulbricht
The Grape Harvest by Olaf Ulbricht
A Sunday in the Country by Olaf Ulbricht
Moonrise Over the Water by Olaf Ulbricht
Enjoying Wine in Winter by Olaf Ulbricht
An Evening Barbecue by Olaf Ulbricht
Ice Wine Harvest by Olaf Ulbricht
The Blossoms of Spring by Olaf Ulbricht
St. Lazare Station, Paris by Henry Dieckmann
Playing Bowls by Henry Dieckmann
Dickens Street in May by Sharon Ascherl
Mrs. Pierceís School by Sharon Ascherl
Tranquil Lake by Lucia Buccini
Football on a Small Farm by Luiz Cassemiro De Oliveira
Blossoming Coffee Plants by Francisco Severino
Our Magic Flower Garden by Veronica Labat
Musiciansí Moving Day by Eduardo Ungar
Remembering the old Farm by Lucia Buccini
Resting Time by Malu Delibo
Musicians on the Stairs by Eduardo Ungar
Birth of the Little Hens by Mara Toledo
Playing in Sau Paulo Park by Constancia Nery
Spring Fever by Francisco Severino
Crossing by Boat by Mara Toledo
Playing in the Park by Barbara Rochlitz
The Ladiesí Orchestra by Roxana Muchnik
A Familiar Melody by Avraham Kan
Multicultural by Dvora Gutman
The Roster III by Cesare Marchesini
Harvesting the Wheat by Cesare Marchesini
Centennary- Homage to Henri Rousseau by Cesare Marchesini
Picking Olives in Tuscany by Cesare Marchesini
Protofino by Cesare Novi
Tuscan Grain Harvest by Cesare Novi
A Relaxing Weekend by Cesare Novi
Tuscan Fisherman by Cesare Novi
Repairing the Boat by Giovanni Galli
Fresh Fish by Olaf Ulbricht
Bat Galim Pool by Nira Lev
Nine Moons by Mariangeles Puente Duran
Morning Harmony by Andres Pallo
Guardians of the Jungle by Jose Luis Toaquiza
Hitchhiking in the Jungle by Victoria Toaquiza
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