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Fortune-Telling Witch by Martha Tominaga
Don Pedro and La Sofia by Laura Vidra
The Furniture Shop by Carlos Medina
Celebrating Independence Day by America Perez
Children’s World by America Perez
Life by the River by Alonso Flores
What a Beautiful Day! (diptych) by Alonso Flores
The Milkman by Fausto Perez
The Pink Truck by Fausto Perez
Work and Play by Fausto Perez
A Morning Siesta by Fausto Perez
Our Day Begins by Fausto Perez
Dog, Cat and Flowers by Eduardo Ungar
Disappointment by Eduardo Ungar
The Pantry by Eduardo Ungar
Outside La Violetas by Eduardo Ungar
Remembering the American West by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Reading Time by Genevieve Terver-Noel
The Basket Weavers by Bernadette Robidet
Cafť Los Angelitos by Eduardo Ungar
Barge Fishing Along the Seine by Charlotte Lachapelle
In the Luxumbourg Garden by Charlotte Lachapelle
Place des Vosges in Snow by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Candy Shop by Charlotte Lachapelle
Le Moulin Rouge in Winter by Charlotte Lachapelle
In the Tuileries Garden by Charlotte Lachapelle
Musicians Near the Port Des Arts by Charlotte Lachapelle
Flower Market in Autumn by Charlotte Lachapelle
Amongst the Strawberries by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Joys of Winter by Charlotte Lachapelle
Harvest Day by Charlotte Lachapelle
As Twilight Falls by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Music Kiosk by Charlotte Lachapelle
Attending Adult Night School by Zhu Su Zhen
The Child Cowherds by Shao Qi Hua
Catching Fish in the Muddy River by Zhu Su Zhen
The Peach Orchard by Zhu Su Zhen
Golden Autumn by Cao Xiuwen
Old Town Family Life by Yan Jinjie
A Lively Day in Our Village by Yan Jinjie
The Old Keelong Market by Lui Li Yu
Neither Wind Nor Snow Stops Us! by Chen Qiue
Bathing Women by Luo, Zhijan
Drying the Chili Peppers by Luo, Zhijan
The Farmerís House by Luo, Zhijan
Cloth Washing in the River by Luo, Zhijan
Field of Hope by Guo Ling
Returning to Motherís Home by Tong Yan Kui
Good Times in our Village by Fan Zhihua
Bringing my Wife Home by Zhang Xuanzhang
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