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The Livestock Stack by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
The Chubby Champion by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
Puss in Bath by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
The Joy of Skating by Fred Breebaart
Visiting Granny by Fred Breebaart
Boats on the Brook by Fred Breebaart
Skating on the Gouwe River by Fred Breebaart
The Kinderdijk Windmills by Fred Breebaart
I Kiss Your Hand, Madam by Helen Nagel
A Walk in the Park by Helen Nagel
Café Napoleon by Helen Nagel
Love is in the Air by Inge Selmer
Lion in the Evening Sun by Inge Selmer
Birdsong at the Lake by Inge Selmer
Lonely Tiger by Inge Selmer
Golden Wedding Celebration by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Wedding Dinner by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Bridge Players by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Animal Lovers by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Friends by Birthe Einer-Jensen
My Cousin Irene by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Tam, Tam, Tadam by Per-Olof Olsson
Spring Concert by Per-Olof Olsson
Spring Fever by Per-Olof Olsson
Party of Happiness by Per-Olof Olsson
Morning Rooster by Cesare Marchesini
The Scarecrow by Cesare Marchesini
The Fields of Summer by Cesare Marchesini
Carting the Straw by Cesare Marchesini
The Red Tractor by Cesare Marchesini
The Leaves of Autumn by Cesare Marchesini
Boat on the River by Cesare Marchesini
Working in the Field by Cesare Marchesini
Fishing by the Arno by Cesare Novi
Seeking Reconciliation by Cesare Novi
A Small Bygone World by Cesare Novi
Five P.M. by Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui
Corn Feast by Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui
Passover Meal by Dora Holzhandler
Mother with Baby Daughter by Dora Holzhandler
Tranquility by German Ramon Duron Lanza
The Tree House by German Ramon Duron Lanza
Picnic by German Ramon Duron Lanza
Still Life by Avraham Kan
Old Moscow by Avraham Kan
By the Bar by Avraham Kan
Tourists in Tel Aviv by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Love is everywhere by Laura Vidra
Tango Night by Lidia Papic
Tango Passion by Eduardo Ungar
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