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Time for the Life by Dvora Gutman
Daily News by German Ramon Duron Lanza
A Flower for My Love by German Ramon Duron Lanza
At the Drive In by Yitzhak Buberman
Pumpkin Dance by Yitzhak Buberman
Love Parade by Joop Plasmeyer
America by Joop Plasmeyer
The Art Exhibition by Aviva Sonsino
The Duck Pond Square by Aviva Sonsino
Tea Time by Nira Lev
A Dress from America by Nira Lev
A Little Artist by Yitzhak Buberman
Wedding in the Country by Yitzhak Buberman
Morning in the City of God by Jonathan Kis-Lev
A Day in Neve-Zedek by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Twilight in the City of God by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Cyclamens in Jaffa by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Sunflowers for Tel Aviv by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Art Morocco by Avraham Kan
Ehad Ha’am Street by Avraham Kan
Shabazi Street by Avraham Kan
Gan Meir - 2 by Avraham Kan
Dallal Bakery by Avraham Kan
Rothschild Boulevard by Avraham Kan
Everybody is Home by Zoe Sever
Rehovot’s Citrus Groves by Galia Ron
Boats in the Sea by Galia Ron
Welcome to Golan by Galia Ron
Bathing in the Lake before Fruit-Picking by Galia Ron
The Shepherdess by Aviva Sonsino
Teatime by Aviva Sonsino
Romance By the Sea by Aviva Sonsino
Sderot by Aviva Sonsino
Bahai Gardens by Aviva Sonsino
An Appointment With Dr. Tzipkis by Tova Tzvik
Shabbat in Our Village by Tova Tzvik
Good Morning by Tova Tzvik
In Our Garden by Tova Tzvik
Coffee Bar by Tova Tzvik
Laundry Day in Jaffa by Tova Tzvik
Football by Rosina Becker Do Valle
Catching the Morning Bus by Roxana Muchnik
A Beautiful French Day by Sharon Ascherl
Scarborough Fair by Sharon Ascherl
Morning at the Flower Shop by Eduardo Ungar
The Suitor’s Gladiolas by Eduardo Ungar
Tango Salon by Eduardo Ungar
Happy Anniversary by Eduardo Ungar
Green Waters by Laura Vidra
Summer Vacation by Veronica Labat
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