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Playing in the Park by Barbara Rochlitz
Piano Lesson by Ana Maria Dias
The Ladiesí Orchestra by Roxana Muchnik
The Bicycling Witches by Martha Tominaga
Laundry Day by Ana Maria Dias
Jaffa’s Square by Alicia Yolanda Barkan
Anthem for Art by Avraham Kan
Mom’s Lace by Avraham Kan
A Familiar Melody by Avraham Kan
Multicultural by Dvora Gutman
The Catís Friends by Dvora Gutman
A Dove for Peace by Dvora Gutman
The Roster III by Cesare Marchesini
Harvesting the Wheat by Cesare Marchesini
Siesta on the Dock by Cesare Marchesini
Centennary- Homage to Henri Rousseau by Cesare Marchesini
Tango Club by Eduardo Ungar
The Market by Jean Cedieu Hilaire
Fresh Fruits by Excellent Fernandez
Papa Zaca by Gerard Valcin
Our Village by the River by Lucien Pradel
Off to the Field by Henry Dieckmann
Fresh Wine by Henry Dieckmann
Fisherman by the Stream by Bruno Epple
Picking Olives in Tuscany by Cesare Marchesini
View of Tuscany by Cesare Marchesini
The Roster II by Cesare Marchesini
Protofino by Cesare Novi
Tuscan Grain Harvest by Cesare Novi
A Relaxing Weekend by Cesare Novi
Lovers in Viareggio by Cesare Novi
Tuscan Fisherman by Cesare Novi
Delicious Daisies by Giovanni Galli
Repairing the Boat by Giovanni Galli
Horse Riders on Lombardion Moor by Giovanni Galli
Reflections with Twin Boats by Giovanni Galli
The Grain is Ripe by Giovanni Galli
Under the Moonlight by Giovanni Galli
The Hat Salon by Heinz Sedlick
The Theater Square by Heinz Sedlick
THe Farmerís Tower by Dora Sedlick
Kittens by Dora Sedlick
Fresh Fish by Olaf Ulbricht
A Happy May Day by Olaf Ulbricht
Winter Romance by Olaf Ulbricht
The First Snow by Olaf Ulbricht
Bat Galim Pool by Nira Lev
The Evening Train is Coming by Noel Calero
Nine Moons by Mariangeles Puente Duran
Jungle Rhapsody by Andres Pallo
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