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Together by Royal Leger
Cycling in the Country (diptych) by Royal Leger
Hide and Seek by Claudine Pieters
Leaving School by Claudine Pieters
October in the Country by Sharon Mark
Eve and Adam in the Countryside by Royal Leger
The Storm is Coming by Genevieve Jost
Flamboyant Woodpecker by Genevieve Jost
Shepherd Under the Apple Tree by Genevieve Jost
The Date by Dvora Gutman
Home From Work by Alonso Flores
Weekend in Our Village by Fausto Perez
The Beach Party by Carlos Medina
Joys of Childhood by Alonso Flores
The Stream is Our Playground by Alonso Flores
Greeting the Bride and Groom by Carlos Medina
Our Village in Bloom by Alonso Flores
Here Comes the Bus by Carlos Medina
A Village Wedding by Fausto Perez
The Girls Dreams by Dvora Gutman
Noah’s Ark – Calling the Animals by Juan Luis Toaquiza
Old Barbershop, Madrid by Tito Lucaveche
Atiteca Weaver by Lorenzo Cruz
Todos Santos Flower Vendor by Lorenzo Cruz
Zecualpa Flower Vendor by Lorenzo Cruz
Coban Flower Girl by Lorenzo Cruz
The Three Weavers by Lorenzo Cruz
Three Flower Girls by Lorenzo Cruz
The Four Weavers III by Lorenzo Cruz
The Four Weavers IV by Lorenzo Cruz
Jaffa in Bloom by Rachel Knopp
Childhood River Memories by Fausto Perez
The Pottery Man by Fausto Perez
Dishwashing by Dario Zamora
All Paths Lead Home by Silem Espinoza
Peaceful Valley, Peaceful Village by Jorge Ferman
Dream of Peasant Life by Roque Zelaya Acosta
A Coffee Farm Wedding by Edmundo Otoniel Mejia
Raining Fish by Roque Zelaya Acosta
Umbrellas Over Jaffa by Rachel Knopp
The Flute and the Galilee by Rachel Knopp
The Market by Aviva Sonsino
What A Beautiful Bird!" by Edmundo Otoniel Mejia
The Woodpecker by Edmundo Otoniel Mejia
Harvesting the Sugar Cane by Edmundo Otoniel Mejia
Picking the Coffee Berries by Edmundo Otoniel Mejia
A New Life Begins by Luz Toaquiza
Birds of Paradise by Jose Luis Toaquiza
Visiting Paradise by Victoria Toaquiza
The Bloom of Spring by Noel Calero
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