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On the Riverbank by Marcelo Schimaneski
Our Perfumed Waters by Lucia Buccini
Lovely Vegetable Garden by Lucia Buccini
The Water’s SOurce by Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui
Market Day by Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui
The Organic Market by Andrea Poceiro
Noah’s Ark #58 by Martha Tominaga
Good Neighbors by Martha Tominaga
Fortune-Telling Witch by Martha Tominaga
The Vessels by Laura Vidra
Don Pedro and La Sofia by Laura Vidra
The Furniture Shop by Carlos Medina
Celebrating Independence Day by America Perez
Children’s World by America Perez
Bananas for Sale by Alonso Flores
The Carousel Comes to Town by Alonso Flores
Wood for the Fire by Alonso Flores
Life by the River by Alonso Flores
What a Beautiful Day! (diptych) by Alonso Flores
At the Water Fountain by Fausto Perez
Flavored Ices for Sale by Fausto Perez
The Milkman by Fausto Perez
The Pink Truck by Fausto Perez
Morning Fishing by Fausto Perez
The Mid Day Bus by Fausto Perez
Work and Play by Fausto Perez
Enjoying the River by Fausto Perez
An Afternoon Picnic by Fausto Perez
Preparing the Field by Fausto Perez
A Morning Siesta by Fausto Perez
Our Day Begins by Fausto Perez
Snack Bar at the Costanera by Eduardo Ungar
Preparing for the Tango Ball II by Eduardo Ungar
Preparing for the Tango Ball I by Eduardo Ungar
Dog, Cat and Flowers by Eduardo Ungar
The Flower Family by Eduardo Ungar
A Welcoming Kiss by Eduardo Ungar
Disappointment by Eduardo Ungar
The Pantry by Eduardo Ungar
Lover-in-Waiting by Eduardo Ungar
Inside Las Violetas by Eduardo Ungar
Outside La Violetas by Eduardo Ungar
Remembering the American West by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Reading Time by Genevieve Terver-Noel
The Basket Weavers by Bernadette Robidet
Teatime Reading by Mariangeles Puente Duran
Café Los Angelitos by Eduardo Ungar
Metro by Eduardo Ungar
We Love Our Market Day (diptych) by Fausto Perez
The Flower and Plant Vendors by Eduardo Ungar
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