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A Lively Day in Our Village by Yan Jinjie
Our Old Fishing Village by Sheng Pu
The Old Keelong Market by Lui Li Yu
Marketing the Vegetables by Chen Qiue
Neither Wind Nor Snow Stops Us! by Chen Qiue
Bathing Women by Luo, Zhijan
Drying the Chili Peppers by Luo, Zhijan
The Farmer’s House by Luo, Zhijan
Cloth Washing in the River by Luo, Zhijan
Field of Hope by Guo Ling
Striving to Catch Number One by Tong Yan Kui
Returning to Mother’s Home by Tong Yan Kui
The Goldfish Pond by Tong Yan Kui
Good Times in our Village by Fan Zhihua
Beating the Date Trees (Harvesting the Dates) by Fan Gaoqi
Ripening Pomegranates in August by Fan Zhihua
Golden Autumn by Zhang Xuanzhang
Bringing my Wife Home by Zhang Xuanzhang
Springtime in the Field by Zhang Xuanzhang
Drying the Linen by Zhao Shengtao
Beautiful Mountains, Beautiful River by Zhao Shengtao
The Oil Workshop by Zhao Shengtao
The Ecological Rooster by Wang, Ya’e
Songs Floating on the Reeds by Wang, Wenji
Lantern Festival in the Snow by Wang, Wenji
Coming Home by Wang, Wenji
The White Birch Forest by Wang, Wenji
Sounds of the Grain by Fu Ruixia
Popping Corn by Fu Ruixia
The Red Sorghum is Ripe by Fu Ruixia
Harvest Season by Guo Ling
Fortune Every Year by Luo, Zhijan
Cucumber Harvest by Chen Qiue
Feeding Fish by Chen Qiue
Diggin Up the Scallions by Chen Qiue
Monkeys Picking Up the Moon by Shao Qi Hua
The Rooster of Good Fortune by Shao Qi Hua
Beautiful Countryside by Yao Xi Ping
Happy Chinese New Year by Gong Qin Fang
Netting the Fish by Yao Xi Ping
Feeding the Fish by Yao Xi Ping
The Kite Contest by Chen Wei Xiong
The Bridal Boat by Chen Wei Xiong
Rowing to Grandma’s House by Ji Fang
Hunting the Weasel by Wang Jin Xi
Threshing the Corn by Wang Jin Xi + Ji Fang
River Town in Snow by Sheng Pu
Returning to Port at Night by Sheng Pu
New Year’s Eve Family Dinner by Lui Li Yu
Our Little Dog is Returning Home by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
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