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High Above the Seine by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Marionettes of Luxembourg by Charlotte Lachapelle
Dreams of Flowers by Charlotte Lachapelle
What Do You See by Marie-Louise Batardy
Summer: Harvest Time by Giovanni Galli
Autumn - The Four Seasons-Detail by Giovanni Galli
Spring - The Four Seasons-Detail by Giovanni Galli
Summer - The Four Seasons-Detail by Giovanni Galli
Winter - The Four Seasons -Detail by Giovanni Galli
Riding Up the Hill by Giovanni Galli
Harvesting the Wheat by Giovanni Galli
The Grape Harvest by Giovanni Galli
What Beautiful Daisies by Giovanni Galli
A Tuscan Town by Giovanni Galli
The Colors of Summer by Giovanni Galli
Landscape with Farmer by Francesco Maiolo
Summer Flowers by Francesco Maiolo
The Performing Bears by Giuliano Zoppi
Playtime by Giuliano Zoppi
The Band’s Return by Giuliano Zoppi
Our Holiday Ends by Cesare Novi
Bathing in Versilia by Cesare Novi
The Three Olympians by Cesare Novi
Sweet Slumber in April by Cesare Novi
Maremmono Countryside by Cesare Novi
Tranquil Life By the River by Cesare Novi
A Small Bygone World-II by Cesare Novi
Visiting the Castle by Cesare Novi
Bathing in Paradise by Cesare Novi
Falling in Love by Cesare Novi
Summer Landscape by Francesco Maiolo
Summer by Francesco Maiolo
Before…and After by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Gently Down the Stream by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Our Daily Life by Juana Norberto
Romance in the Countryside by Karmen Garcia
Fishing Day by Karmen Garcia
Partying on the River by Karmen Garcia
The “Dust-Maker” by Fausto Perez
Jalisco Family by Ada Colorina
Bananas for Sale by Ada Colorina
The Fisherman by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
Spreading the Net by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
Home Sweet Home by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
Self Portrait by Ada Colorina
Little Deer and Dad by German Ramon Duron Lanza
The Circle Dance by Fausto Perez
Wood For the Fire by Alonso Flores
The Tomato Vendor by Alonso Flores
My Love of Cats by Ada Colorina
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