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Bathing in the Moonlight by Jose Luis Toaquiza
Armadillo at Dawn by Jose Luis Toaquiza
Daisies by Sema Culam
Crop Fields by Sema Culam
A Perfect Match! by Francine Cuylits
Contemplation by Francine Cuylits
Beaubourg Fountain by Charlotte Lachapelle
Passage de Panorama by Charlotte Lachapelle
A View From Montmarte by Charlotte Lachapelle
Latin Quarter by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Little Market by Michele Gaubour
Grazing Near the Village by Michele Gaubour
The Sweet Life by Michele Gaubour
The Train Arrives at Afternoon by Mariangeles Puente Duran
The Flower Market by Charlotte Lachapelle
Bookstall by the Seine by Charlotte Lachapelle
The Port by Evaristo Navarrete
Loch Ness by Evaristo Navarrete
North Pole by Evaristo Navarrete
Amsterdam Serenade by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
Spring in Ein Karem by Zoe Sever
Mazal Tov by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Tu Bishvat by Christa Burkardt Prusman
The Garden Stork by Agnes Bogaert
The Gardener’s Wife by Agnes Bogaert
Black + White – The Ceramics Shop by Christine Servais
Along the River by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Family Portrait by Jean-Pierre Lorand
The Fruits of Autumn by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Fountain of Youth by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Cherry Time by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Tel-Aviv, Tchernihovsky Street corner Bograshov Street by Avraham Kan
Day and Night by Christa Burkardt Prusman
Same Problem Every Year by Christa Burkardt Prusman
The Old Man and the Sea by Alicia Yolanda Barkan
Garden of Eden by Alicia Yolanda Barkan
Time to Go by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
Harvest by Louis Marius Amorim Ferreira de Moraes
Grandma’s Delicious Soup by Marthe Comtois
The General Store by Marthe Comtois
Colorado Springs by Claudine Pieters
The Birth by Claudine Pieters
The Lightning Storm by Claudine Pieters
Apples For Sale by Royal Leger
A Beautiful Family by Royal Leger
Nightfall by Dario Zamora
Joys of Our Weekend by Noel Calero
The Morning Train by Alvaro Gaitan Barrios
Together by Royal Leger
Cycling in the Country (diptych) by Royal Leger
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