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The Wedding by Avraham Kan
Raining Candies by Avraham Kan
The Conductor by Avraham Kan
Horses at Play by Alvaro Gaitan Barrios
The Bloom of Spring by Luis Varela
Harvesting Pineapples under Mount Trepiche by Celso Zamora
Three for the Road by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Nearby the Little Bridge by Charlotte Lachapelle
Parisian Bistro by Charlotte Lachapelle
Springtime in Bagatelle Park by Charlotte Lachapelle
Happy Birthday! by Marie-Louise Batardy
The Country Life by Marie-Louise Batardy
Street of Safe Travels by Marie-Louise Batardy
Long Live Paradise! by Marie-Louise Batardy
Returning from the Vegetable Garden by Agnes Bogaert
Promenading in Venice by Agnes Bogaert
Vasilisa Prekasnaya by Avraham Kan
Ha’Aliya by Avraham Kan
Charles and Diana by Avraham Kan
Street Musician by Laura Vidra
Ilan Ramon by Avraham Kan
Green Submarine by Avraham Kan
Vinhedo’s Farm by Marcelo Schimaneski
Convergence by Lucia Buccini
Golden Corn Harvest by Ana Maria Dias
Wonderland by Victoria Seppanen
Pequod Harbor by Sharon Ascherl
Harvest Moon Dance by Sharon Ascherl
The Tango Contest by Eduardo Ungar
Hydrangea Road by Marcelo Schimaneski
Among the Rosewood Trees by Malu Delibo
A Country Scene by Mara Toledo
Ring Around the Rosie by Mara Toledo
The Shade is Refreshing! by Lucia Buccini
Here Comes the Bride! by Lucia Buccini
Andre’s Asleep! by Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza
Ice Cream at Fresko’s by Roxana Muchnik
My Ancestors Have Arrived - II by Roxana Muchnik
My Ancestors Have Arrived - I by Roxana Muchnik
Our Little Market by Lidia Papic
Pepa’s Carousel by Lidia Papic
The Village Witches by Martha Tominaga
A Country Bakery by Andrea Poceiro
Sunday Regatta by Laura Vidra
Coffee for the Market by Luis Alvarado
Pumpkin and Melon Harvest by Luis Alvarado
The Corn Harvest by Celso Zamora
Our Village at Noon by Luis Varela
Moonlight Love by Tirza Horin Karagulla
Lovely Afternoon by Tirza Horin Karagulla
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