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Our Village But stop by Jorge Ferman
Chajul Flowergirl by Lorenzo Cruz
The Garden Kiosk by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
Shopping for Hats by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
Santorini on the Agean by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
The Morning Train (diptych) by Fausto Perez
Village Football by Fausto Perez
The Noon Bus by Fausto Perez
Rendezvous by Alonso Flores
Merrily Flows the Stream by Alonso Flores
Watermelons for Sale by Alonso Flores
Returning from the Market by Alonso Flores
The Laundry Man Returns by Alonso Flores
Private Concert by Dvora Gutman
Winter Serenade by Dvora Gutman
Adagio for Cat Lovers by Dvora Gutman
Rothschild Tango by Dvora Gutman
Tango Universe by Dvora Gutman
The Fisherman’s Wife by Tova Tzvik
Red Shoes by Tova Tzvik
Here’s a Turtle! by Tova Tzvik
The Garashi Family by Tova Tzvik
Magic on the Sea of Galilee by Tova Tzvik
In Tandem by Victoria Milgalter
Harvesting the Field Crops by Ricardo Cuyo
Santa Catarina Flowergirl by Lorenzo Cruz
Tecpan Flowergirl by Lorenzo Cruz
The Flamboyant Tree by Luis Joaquin (El Estudiante) Rodriguez Ricardo
A Girl in a Carnival Costume by Mariangeles Puente Duran
Preparing the Breakfast Coffee by Yanet Parra Gracia
San Antonio Weaver by Lorenzo Cruz
Chichi Weaver by Lorenzo Cruz
La Esperanza Neighborhood by Osmar Pena Clavel
Friendship in Paradise by German Ramon Duron Lanza
Rag Ball by Yunior Iniciarte
Joyobaj Corn+ Flower Salesgirl by Lorenzo Cruz
Young Woman with Fruit by Yanelys Garcia Saavedra
Bayate Sugar Cane Harvest by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
Fruit Seller in the Country by Yanelys Garcia Saavedra
The Florist by Rafael Cala Lores
Off to the Party by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
Morning Coffee by Rafael Cala Lores
The Slope by Rafael Cala Lores
Janina in the Garden by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
High Mountain  (Monte Alto) by Roberto Torres Lameda
The Fruit Seller by Yanelys Garcia Saavedra
County Dance by Yanet Parra Gracia
Solola Weaver by Lorenzo Cruz
Our Local Laundry by German Ramon Duron Lanza
Santiago Atitlan Weaver by Lorenzo Cruz
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