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Greeting the New Neighbors by Norma Catoira
Modern Times Come to the Harvest by Jan Strakusek
The Corn Harvest by Jan Strakusek
My Family Lends a Hand by Jan Strakusek
The Baker by Drazen Tetec
The Grape Harvest by Vesna Tanceva
My Family at Dinnertime by Zuzana Veresky
The “Boa Vista” Banana Farm by Magdalena Zawadzka
Samson and Delilah by Maria Rosa Di Marco
The Mail-Order Brides by Alberto Iniguez
The Tower of Babel by Miriam Engel
Dance in Corrientes by Alberto Iniguez
Noah Ark by Rodrigo Cuyo Cuyo
King David by Rodrigo Cuyo Cuyo
Eliezer and Rebecca II by Haim Harbon
Mordechai and Haman by Shlomo Katz
Eliezer and Rebecca I by Haim Harbon
The Bull Ring by Julian Chex Chirix
The Comalapa Plaza by Julian Chex Chirix
The Story of My Village by Oscar Peren
The Stable by Carlos Chevez
The Bull Fight by Luis Ugsha
Working the Field by Sofia Jonascu
Wheat Harvest by Vesna Tanceva
Noah’s Ark by Horacio Sanchez
Baseball by Marco Ugsha
The Wife by Ricardo Avila
Traveling through Rio by Ozias
The Ox Drawn Wagon by Ozias
Football Scene by Rodrigo Cuyo Cuyo
Noah’s Ark by Mabel Marino
Rowboat Romance by Constancia Nery
San Pedro Antigues by Lidia Papic
Café Margot by Lidia Papic
Peddler on the Road by Lucia Buccini
Sunny Days by Gema Grassi
Gossiping by the Blue Bar by Veronica Labat
Regional Football Festival by Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza
Recess By the School by Maria Terzi
The Tango Band by Roxana Muchnik
Love is Beautiful by Roxana Muchnik
The 67 Bus Stop by Roxana Muchnik
Harmony in the Flower Garden by Laura Vidra
Sentimental Palermo by Lidia Papic
At Grandmother’s House by Jucara
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