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Sunflower by Henri Bruel
The Lace Saleswomen by Henri Bruel
Our Donkey "Cadichon" by Henri Bruel
Teatime by Henri Bruel
Hungarian Gipsy Wedding by Aquilina Smareglia
The Shepherd in Provence by Luce Fourmaux
Shepherd and Flock by Jean-Pierre Lorand
The Little Tin Soldier by Agnes Bogaert
Girl with Pumpkins by Agnes Bogaert
Harvesting Tomatoes by Maria Teodora Chavajay
Glorious Coffee by Abraham Batzin Navichoc
Waiting for the Steamboat by Valeriy Parachod
Kaluga Dock by Valeriy Parachod
Entertaining the Guests by Alevtina Dmitriyevna Pyzhova
To Your Health by Alevtina Dmitriyevna Pyzhova
Baltic Port by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
Promenading by the Sea by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
Hosting Grandma by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
Tropical Paradise by Barbara Rochlitz
Harvesting the Palm Fruit by Juan Ramirez Castillo
My Family, My Home by Ricardo Avila
We Love This Game by Ricardo Avila
Night Fishing by Gilberto Cardoza
Time to Eat by Ana Maria Guevara
The New Employee by Maria Laura Bratoz
"Where is that Movie?" by Maria Laura Bratoz
Constitution Station by Lidia Papic
The Happy Train by Beatriz Orosco
Alejandra’s Atelier by Martha Tominaga
Opening Day at the Circus by Martha Tominaga
Promenading in Our Village by Julian Parada
Gathering the Herd by Karmen Garcia
Family Gathering by Marthe Comtois
Village Shops by Maria Julia Fraile
Mondial Festival by Ana Cesar
Algarve Countryside by Ana Cesar
Our Patio At Dusk by Manuel Arce
The Spa by Pepa Clavo
My Fair Lady by Menchu Garcia Rendueles
In the Vineyard by Ze Cordeiro (Jose Cordeiro)
Resting by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
Kites by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
Teatime in the Country by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
The Miller of Mafra by Luiza Caetano
The Farmers by Luiza Caetano
Marriage with Cat by Luiza Caetano
Old Lisbon by Luiza Caetano
Nectar of the Gods by Luiza Caetano
Don Quixote by Luiza Caetano
Promenading with Parrot by Ivonaldo Veloso de Melo
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