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Beautiful Venice by Gabriel Cohen
On the Banks of the Ganges by Gabriel Cohen
The World is a Dream by Gabriel Cohen
Plowing and Seeding by Rozalia Albert Juhaszne
Drying the Sunflower Seeds by Rozalia Albert Juhaszne
At the Water Mill by Rozalia Albert Juhaszne
Twenty Third of May Avenue by Agostinho Batista de Freitas
The Trojan War by Jose de Freitas
Sunday Guests by Martine Guin-Guand
The Flower Shop (opened) by Martine Guin-Guand
The Train Crossing Guard by Roger Boissier
The Shepherds by Roger Boissier
The Little Train by Roger Boissier
The Winter Dining Room by Genevieve Terver-Noel
Returning From the Field by Maria Balan
Our Special Day by Beatriz Orosco
A Magic Place by Elena Politis
After the Apple Picking by Gustavo Naranjo
Reveries by Gato Frias
Oh What a Beautiful Day! by Virginia Bellati
The Meeting by Fernando de Angelis
Springtime by Mariora Motorozesku
Gathering The Pumpkins by Mariora Motorozesku
The Woodsmen by Maria Balan
Breakfast by Maria Balan
Memories of Majorca by Manuel Arce
Paradise by Gilka Wara
The Plaza by Monica Miller
The Train Station by Monica Miller
The Hippie Fair of Bolson by Andrea Poceiro
The Colors of My Land by Ana Maria Guevara
A Letter From the Algarve by Richard C. Smith
The Balloons Are Flying by Josep Mir
The Turkey by Maria Julia Fraile
Harvest Time by Hedvig Makai
Fishing by Luiza Caetano
The House where I Was Born by Myriam Fialho
The Sailor I by Ze Cordeiro (Jose Cordeiro)
The Lights of My Life by Katalin Raffaine Hajik
The Hoers by Ilona Toth Gombkotone
Picnic by Hedvig Makai
Festival of Lanterns by Maria Nicolasa Chex Nicho
A Workday at the Kibbutz by Nira Lev
Good Friends by Andrea Poceiro
The Bird Sellers by Estrela Santos
The Big Apple by Ze Cordeiro (Jose Cordeiro)
Harvesting the Grapes by Ze Cordeiro (Jose Cordeiro)
The Rendezvous by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
Samson and Delilah - The Saga Unfolds by Malu Delibo
Samson and Delilah - The Betrayal by Susana Molina
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