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Glorious Day by Abraham Batzin Navichoc
Miguel’s Ranch by Roberto Torres Lameda
Memories From My Patio by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
Making Rope by Daniel Alvarez Arias
Pulling the Tree Trunk by Odais Palacios Mesa
San Antonio Farm by Gilka Wara
Joys of Winter by Zeljko Kolarek
The Regatta by Ernani Pavaneli
The Famous by Ernani Pavaneli
Playing by the Lake by Barbara Rochlitz
The Persimmon Harvest by Wilma Ramos
Reflections on the Water by Francisco Severino
Ecological Serenade by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Picnic in the Field by Jean-Pierre Lorand
Walking the Dog by Eduardo Ungar
Salome by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
The Abduction from the Seraglio II by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
Love for Three Oranges by Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou
Garden of Eden by Ljerka Tropsek
The Harlequin by Guido Vedovato
Two Girls Playing by Alessandra Puppo
The Commander’s Family by Alessandra Puppo
What a Parade! by Alessandra Puppo
The Dog Show by Luciano Prandini
Off to the Pasture by Luciano Prandini
The Chestnut Vendor by Luciano Prandini
Golden Wedding Anniversary by Roxana Muchnik
Our Corner Grocer by Roxana Muchnik
Delft Harbor, Rotterdam by Joop Plasmeyer
Memories from the South by Cristina Villarino
Daily News by Dalia Rivera
Winter Goat Festival by Mihai Vintila
Sled Riding by Mihai Vintila
Winter Triptych (triptych) by Mihai Vintila
Bacco’s Wine Shop by Maria Laura Bratoz
Bus 102 by Roxana Muchnik
Barrio Abasto by Martha Tominaga
Magic Night by Liliana Grunbaum
Merrily Down the Stream (triptych) by Beatriz Orosco
Noah’s Ark by Henri Bruel
The Sea Lions by Henri Bruel
Paris Cafe by Henri Bruel
Rug Canopy by Paulina Pinsky
Noah’s Ark by Hanne Hoejfeldt
Bouquet by Hanne Hoejfeldt
Anemone Street by Inge Selmer
Blue Sea by Alessandra Puppo
Camogli Port by Alessandra Puppo
Jens and Agnete by Helen Nagel
Cabbages in the Almond Grove by Anders Hultman
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