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Cabbages in the Almond Grove by Anders Hultman
A Tuscan Evening by Anders Hultman
Emancipated by Anders Hultman
Temptation by Anders Hultman
King Solomon by Shlomo Katz
King David by Shlomo Katz
King Saul by Shlomo Katz
Enjoying Life by Katja Mesikammen
My Village in Winter by Valeria Tofan
The Little Shepherd with a Flute by Valeria Tofan
By the Well by Radica Nicodin
To George’s Birthday Party by Yefim Ladizhinsky
Springtime in the Fields by Auramar (Aura Marina Pineda)
The River at her Feet by Barbara Sala
Sunset Over the Countryside by Gaby Lopez de Arango
The Chatting Trio by Gaby Lopez de Arango
The Grape Harvesters by Marie-Jo Radenac
Garden Games by Liliana Grunbaum
Summer Market by Dusan Jevtovic
The Joys of the Corn Harvest by Vesna Tanceva
Milkmaid with Wheat by Ilona Toth Gombkotone
Rendezvous by the Well by Katalin Raffaine Hajik
Gathering the Grapes by Ilona Toth Gombkotone
Lovers by Barbara Rochlitz
Pacala, Our Folk Hero by Paula Iacob
South Station by Mihai Dascalu
An Autumn Hora by Valeria Tofan
I Love the Spring by Valeria Tofan
My Family’s Village by Valeria Tofan
The Mystique of Wolves by Petru Mihut
Shofar Blowing by Rachel Rubin
After the Ceremony by Rachel Rubin
First Days in Jerusalem by Rachel Rubin
Family in Yard by Rachel Rubin
Garden with Flowers by Rachel Rubin
Wedding Scene by Rachel Rubin
Shabbath Table by Rachel Rubin
Sunflower by Henri Bruel
The Lace Saleswomen by Henri Bruel
Our Donkey "Cadichon" by Henri Bruel
Teatime by Henri Bruel
Hungarian Gipsy Wedding by Aquilina Smareglia
The Shepherd in Provence by Luce Fourmaux
Shepherd and Flock by Jean-Pierre Lorand
The Little Tin Soldier by Agnes Bogaert
Girl with Pumpkins by Agnes Bogaert
Glorious Coffee by Abraham Batzin Navichoc
Waiting for the Steamboat by Valeriy Parachod
Kaluga Dock by Valeriy Parachod
Entertaining the Guests by Alevtina Dmitriyevna Pyzhova
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