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Resting by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
Kites by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
Teatime in the Country by Nell Maria Helena Albuquerque Brito dos Santos
The Miller of Mafra by Luiza Caetano
The Farmers by Luiza Caetano
Marriage with Cat by Luiza Caetano
Old Lisbon by Luiza Caetano
Nectar of the Gods by Luiza Caetano
Don Quixote by Luiza Caetano
Promenading with Parrot by Ivonaldo Veloso de Melo
My Childhood Education by Antonio Huillca Huallpa
Amazonas from the Sierras by Rose Marie Uccelli
Pair of Shoes II by Paulina Pinsky
The Deer by Haim Harbon
Pears by Pero Topljak Petrina
The Coffee Harvesters by Matias Gonzalez Chavajay
A Collective Building Project by Maria Nicolasa Chex Nicho
Comalapa Panorama by Oscar Peren
A Happy Day in Comalapa by Maria Nicolasa Chex Nicho
Bartering by Jan Strakusek
The Wheat Market by Jan Bacur
Baking Bread by Pero Topljak Petrina
Horses by Pero Topljak Petrina
Plowing by Pero Topljak Petrina
Winter I by Pero Topljak Petrina
The Castle Over San Juan River by Miriam Guevara Silva
The Daisies by Luce Fourmaux
There’s So Much to See by Paulina Pinsky
David and Bathsheba by Gato Frias
The Windmills of My Mind by Nadia Becker
A Port Fantasy by Jorgelina Flores
Good News by Danielle Bonniol-Ferrus
The Summer Wedding by Martine Clouet
By the North Sea by Nadia Becker
Carousel By Moonlight by Agnes Bogaert
Happiness by Petru Mihut
The Blossoming Cherry Trees by Yolande Salmon-Duval
A Place of Oils by Yolande Salmon-Duval
Birth of the Village by Barbara Sala
The Night is Long by Marthe Comtois
Nicolet Town by Louise St-Germain
The Perfume of Spring by Lisette Breton-Forbes
Preparing A Feast by Cecile Emond
Nibbling From the Plate by Cecile Emond
A World Framed with Gold by Martin Jonas
The Neighbor I by Martin Jonas
The Neighbor II by Martin Jonas
Behind the Pumpkins by Martin Jonas
The Playful Horse by Martin Jonas
A Shepherd by Martin Jonas
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