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Real Circus by Katja Mesikammen
The Bakery by Maria Julia Fraile
Harvest Lunch Break by Maria Julia Fraile
Nestling in the Heart of the Tree by Martine Guin-Guand
Three Trees in the Moonlight by Martine Guin-Guand
Wedding Portrait by Paulina Pinsky
Music and Flower Carpet by Paulina Pinsky
By the Well by Sarah Raz
Yemenite Henna by Sarah Raz
Wheat Harvest by Sarah Raz
Apple Harvest by Sarah Raz
Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Train Station by Yitzhak Buberman
A House in the Country by Aviva Sonsino
Hand-in-Hand by Rachel Knopp
Rishon (Le Zion) Park by Rachel Knopp
The Kiosk on Rothschild by Nava Guterman
The Market by Tova Tzvik
"What’s Cooking?" by Tova Tzvik
Sunset Over Masaya by Alvaro Gaitan Barrios
Here Comes Breakfast by Agnes Bogaert
The Shave – (La Epoca Barber Shop II) by Lidia Papic
Waiting for the Barber – (La Epoca Barber Shop III) by Lidia Papic
Facade – (La Epoca Barber Shop I) by Lidia Papic
Land of My Love by Laura Vidra
Animal Kingdom by Damary (Maria Zoila Pineda)
Grazing by the River by Odais Palacios Mesa
The Theatre by Daphne Stephenson
Our Hamlet at Harvest Time by Auramar (Aura Marina Pineda)
Loading the Palm Fruit by Irahin Varela
The Morning Train by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
My Neighborhood by Giober Lopez Justy
Escape to the Suburbs by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
House in the Apple Orchard by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
End of Summer by Vladimir Ivanovic Makarov
Peach Marmalade for Everyone! by Andrea Poceiro
Gathering Apples by Merle Reivich
Ramon by Luis Joaquin Rodriguez Arias
Playing Hocky on Marquette Street (diptych) by Royal Leger
The Water Well by Cesare Marchesini
Friday Evening, Habonim Dance by Nira Lev
The Armon Commando - On the Railing by Nira Lev
A Glorious Day by Gato Frias
A Winter Wonderland by Maria Terzi
Steamboat Dining by Valeriy Parachod
Waiting for the Train by Valeriy Parachod
A Sunday by the River by Marie-Jo Radenac
Off to the Market by Marie-Jo Radenac
A Party in the Moonlight by Marie-Jo Radenac
Our Adventure Begins by Monique Schaar
Newlyweds III by Ana Maria Guevara
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