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Nude Lady by Dora Holzhandler
Our village at Dawn by Celso Zamora
Morning Chores by Karmen Garcia
A Path of Joy by Damary (Maria Zoila Pineda)
Peonies for Prague by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Paris, Ma Cherie by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Friday on Rothschild Boulevard by Yitzhak Buberman
Feeling Good by Genevieve Terver-Noel
A Pleasant Evening by Genevieve Terver-Noel
The School Trip by Monique Schaar
It’s A Bad Day for the Fox by Anneque Lijnkamp Truyen
A Walk in the Park by Helen Nagel
Love is in the Air by Inge Selmer
Birdsong at the Lake by Inge Selmer
Lonely Tiger by Inge Selmer
Golden Wedding Celebration by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Bridge Players by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Animal Lovers by Birthe Einer-Jensen
Tam, Tam, Tadam by Per-Olof Olsson
Carting the Straw by Cesare Marchesini
The Leaves of Autumn by Cesare Marchesini
Fishing by the Arno by Cesare Novi
Five P.M. by Patricia Henricy Cruzalegui
Old Moscow by Avraham Kan
Cats in the Botanical Garden by Martha Tominaga
A Day to Remember by Liliana Grunbaum
Golfing in Carilo by Laura Vidra
Puerto de Frutos by Laura Vidra
Dulce’s Bakery by Roxana Muchnik
Beneath the Stars by Roxana Muchnik
The Three Dressmakers by Maria Laura Bratoz
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! by Maria Laura Bratoz
Uncle Tim’s Shop by Maria Laura Bratoz
By the Seaside by Maria Laura Bratoz
Jimmy’s Choice by Maria Laura Bratoz
One, Two, Three... by Maria Laura Bratoz
Waiting for a client by Maria Laura Bratoz
The Entomologist by Maria Laura Bratoz
Bonita Beach by Maria Laura Bratoz
Vacation Village by the Water by Galia Ron
Sheep in the Meadow by Galia Ron
Israel Trail by Tova Tzvik
Jerusalem Amidst the Clouds by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Flea Market in Jaffa by Yitzhak Buberman
The Expert by Maria Laura Bratoz
From Zichron Yaakov to the Sea by Zoe Sever
The Flower Shop by Lidia Papic
Doesn’t She Look Like Elza? by Paulina Pinsky
Rare Oasis Rug by Paulina Pinsky
Flowers for my Love by Tirza Horin Karagulla
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