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Have a Drink of Water by Laszlo Koday
Apple Picking by Katalin Raffaine Hajik
Returning Home by Katalin Raffaine Hajik
Moonlight by Katalin Raffaine Hajik
Coffee Break by Tirza Horin Karagulla
Harvesting the Grapes by Ljerka Tropsek
An Afternoon in the Fields by Dobrosav Milojevic
The Umbrella Repairman by Zuzana Veresky
The Pot Repairman by Zuzana Veresky
The Village Peddlers by Zuzana Veresky
Children’s Sleigh Ride by Mihai Vintila
In Love by Zlatko Kolarek
The Fisherman by Zlatko Kolarek
Our Winter Day Begins by Mihai Vintila
Caught in the Act by Mihai Vintila
Grinding the Meat by Mihai Vintila
Gossiping by Mihai Vintila
To the Market at Dawn by Mihai Vintila
Romance Among the Flock by Dobrosav Milojevic
Shepherding the Cattle by Dobrosav Milojevic
The Grazing Goats by Dobrosav Milojevic
Autumn by Dusan Jevtovic
Marketing the Horses by Dusan Jevtovic
My Village, Hlebine by Zlatko Kolarek
Laundering the Clothes by Ljerka Tropsek
Second Spring in Paradise by Dvora Gutman
Puffs of Clouds by Ivan Rabuzin
Look Mom, They are Kissing! by Helena Coelho
Just Married by Ernani Pavaneli
Embroidering the Fabric by Constancia Nery
Uncle Zavanella’s Farm by Edna de Araraquara
Basketball Championship by Helena Coelho
What a Big Family by Virginia Bellati
May I Help You? by Lidia Papic
Fruits of the Field by Edna de Araraquara
Model Boats Regatta by Constancia Nery
Lovers in Spring by Dora Holzhandler
The Bathers by Dora Holzhandler
Wedding by Dora Holzhandler
Mother and Children in St Ives by Dora Holzhandler
Little Girl in Snow by Dora Holzhandler
Nude Lady by Dora Holzhandler
Our village at Dawn by Celso Zamora
Morning Chores by Karmen Garcia
A Path of Joy by Damary (Maria Zoila Pineda)
Peonies for Prague by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Paris, Ma Cherie by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Friday on Rothschild Boulevard by Yitzhak Buberman
Feeling Good by Genevieve Terver-Noel
A Pleasant Evening by Genevieve Terver-Noel
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