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Naivism: The Circle of Life
Childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age through the eyes of the naïve artist

The new exhibition at the gallery will present the different stages in life as seen with the childlike perspective of naïve artists such as Jean-Pierre Lorand, Charlotte Lachapelle, Eduardo Ungar, Guido Vedovato and Raija Nokkala.

The exhibition will lead the visitors through life's different stages, starting from birth, then proceeding to childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. These stages of human and animal's life alike will be subjected to the unique interpretation of naïve artists. They will be manifested through simple scenes that celebrate the human narrative, which is expressed in various ways depending on the difference in cultural background, history, customs and the personal life experience and individual style of the artists themselves.

The choice of being naïve is not an obvious one in our cynical and alienated world.   Having a positive outlook on life, compassionate and forgiving, is to choose to focus on the constructive side of life and to embrace the good with the bad, reflecting upon one's youth as well as old age. In this connection, old age is a blessing, too, as it gives us the opportunity to reflect upon and observe life and our existence in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The upper floor of the gallery will be dedicated to childhood, while the lower floor highlights the stages of growing up, falling in love, bringing babies or cubs into the world, and then growing old peacefully, satisfied by what we have achieved in life.









Going to School Through the Sands
Family Gathering
The Storyteller
Happy Mother Fox
Our Garden of Love


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