Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza



A Girl Fishing
Andre’s Asleep!
Appreciating the Valley Falls
Aquatic Marathon
Aquatic Plant Reserve
Avocado Picking
Barbecue with Guitar Player
Barn Dance
Bathing on the Summer Night
Boating with My Girlfriend
Carnival at the Rose House
Carps Place
Circus Day
Circus of Fun
Cooking Bananas
Dancing at the Night Cafe
Dancing with the Newlyweds
Doctor Alvaro’s Visit
Dona Maria Basket Weaver
Dona Maria Prepares Coffee
Engagement Party and Dance
Enjoying the Waterfall Valley
Filming the Waterfall
Fishing and Cuddling
Fishing from the Veranda
Fishing with My Daughter
Football in the Country
Full Moon Festival
Going Fishing
Good Catch
Grandfather Tiago’s Visit
Grandma Fixes the Pants
Grandpa Tiago’s Chickens
Joana Reading
Jose the Barber
June Festival
Lets go to the Market
Little Market Along the Waterfall
Lunch Under the Jaca Tree
Man Laundering the Clothes
Mango Harvesting
Market by Mirror Lake
Market Under the Purple Tree
Miss Julia Prepares the Stew
My First Cat
Night Fishing
Painting the Carranca
Painting the Flamboyant Tree
Painting the Valley’s Waterfalls
Pedro’s Book Fair
Photographing the Flowering Jacaranda
Photographing the Tapir
Picking Bananas
Picking Calla-Lillies
Picking Pink Roses
Picking the Jaca Fruit
Practicing the Frevo Dance
Regional Football Festival
Rowing by the Light of the Moon
Rowing with My Sweetheart
Small Market at Night
Smoked Fish Seller
Summer Fun
The Arrival of the Guest
The Artist Looking for Inspiration
The Balloon Festival
The Balloon Festival
The Championship Match
The Chicken Vendor
The Cotton Candy Salesman
The Flower Pickers
The Fog Returns
The Kayakers
The Parana Market
The Scarlet Ibis Birds
The School Boat
The Vine Jumpers
Transporting Rose-Colored Mangos
Triple Feast with Balloons
Uncle Catches a Fish
Village with Lakes and Mountains
Washing the Pink Pants
Weekend Football
What a Nice Shiny Day
Woman Net Fishing
Women Playing Dominos
Wood for the Fire
Young Girl Reading a Story
Young Girls Walking in the Forest

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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