Edmundo Otoniel Mejia



Wedding in Coffeeland


A Coffee Farm Wedding
Brown Dog Guarding the Coffee Beans
Bus and Coffee Cutters
Bus and Coffee Harvesters
Butterfly, Guava and Cashews
Butterfly, Mango and Cashews
By the Well
Chatting Over the Coffee
Coffee Life
Collecting Water under the Cashew Tree
Delivering the Coffee
Football in Coffeeland
Foreman and Coffee Cutters
Friends in Need Are Friends Indeed!
Gold Hummingbird with Pink Bell Flowers
Green Hummingbird with White Bell Flower...
Greeting the Bride and Groom
Harvest Time
Harvesting Coffee Under the Ipe Tree
Harvesting the Sugar Cane
Hummingbird and the Plowman
Hummingbird and Yellow Bus
Hummingbird in the Cashew Tree
Hummingbird in the Coffee Fields
In Front of the Painted House
In the Shadow of the Yellow Tree
Laundering near the Coffee Fields
Life Under the Flamboyant Tree
Loading Coffee
Marketing the Coffee
Milking Grandma’s Cow
Mini-Market on the Coffee Plantation
Mother Carrying Child and Coffee Beans
Mother, Child and Black Dog
Picking Corn and Coffee
Picking the Coffee Berries
Plowing and Picking
Purple Hummingbird and Bromeliad
Red Cashews and Coffee Beans
Romance in the Coffee Bushes
Seeding the Field
Selecting the Coffee
Sorting the Coffee
Sugar Cane Cutters
The Ceramic Vendors
The Coffee and Banana Plantation
The Coffee Cutters
The Red Cashews
The River Laundry
The Woodpecker
The Workers’ Bus
The Yellow Cashews
Turquoise Hummingbird with Cashews
Water for the Coffee Workers
Weighing the Coffee Beans
What A Beautiful Bird!
Woodseller and Coffee Cutters
Yellow Butterfly at the Coffee Harvest +...

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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