Jean-Pierre Lorand



A Family Picnic
A Special Audience
The Storyteller
The Tempting Apple Tree
Trio in the Country


A Day in the Country
A Feast for the Eyes
A Floral Rendezvous
Along the River
Along the River
An Autumn Rendezvous
Autumn Concert
Autumn Pastoral
Before…and After
Blindman’s Buff
Cherry Time
Colors of Time
Dancing Under the Lights
Ecological Serenade
Family Portrait
Forbidden Fruit
Fountain of Youth
Gently Down the Stream
Going with the Flow
Hello - Goodbye
How Do You Do!
Ice-Cream Cones
Ladies on the Coast
Love and Disappointment
Mermaid’s Bar
Night Fishing
Nostalgia for the Sea
Once Upon a Time
Picnic in the Field
Portrait by the Sea
Promenading by the Light House
Returning from the Market
Romantic Promenade
Shepherd and Flock
Siesta by the Lake
Sleigh Ride
The Apple Orchard
The Bath of Youth
The Bouquet
The Evening Star
The Flower Market
The Fruits of Autumn
The Fruits of Summer
The Ice Skaters
The Kind Shepherd
The Last Dance
The Little Port
The Mermaid’s Kiss
The Music Lovers
The Orange Grove
The Sailors’ Lunch
The Siesta
The Strolling Players
Three for the Road
Under the Apple Tree
Wedding Night
Winter Circus

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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