Nira Lev



"Boydem" Day
3 Hillel Street - Middle Balcony (middle...
3 Hillel Street – Roof (top part of trip...
3 Hillel Street - Street (bottom part of...
4 O’Clock Meal at the Kibbutz
A Dress from America
A Song for a Candy
A Workday at the Kibbutz
At Derman The Barber
Backpack of Love
Bat Galim Pool
Binyamin Garden
Cucumber at the Beach
Cutting the Edges of Shoes
Dad Pickles Cucumbers
Displaced Person Show
Dividing the Kibbutz
Dreaming of Ballet
First of May, Haifa
Fixing the Socks
Friday Evening, Habonim Dance
Garden of Eden
Gefilte Fish
Grandma Knitting
Grandma’s Room at the Kibbutz
Grandmother’s Hut
Have a Good Week!
Inoculation Day
Israeli Summer - Hot Corn
Kibbutz Wedding
Knitting for Friends
Laundry Day
Letter from America
Morning at Kirshenbaum Family
Mrs. Auerbach
Ms. Reich and the Porcelain Dolls
Musical Chairs
Not Piano... I Want Ballet
November 29 1947 – UN Vote
Nursing School, Rambam Hospital
Package from America
Puppet Show
Ride to the Kibbutz
Seamstress Day
Shoshana Damari
Taverna Park
Tea Time
The Armon Commando - On the Railing
The Clock House
The Doe
The Doll Hospital
The First Betrayal
The Icebox
The Milkman
The Refusal
The Ultraviolet Room
The Valley of Olives
The Youth Movement’s Whistle
Us and Them
Well-Baby Clinic
When Mom Makes Meatballs
Youth Movement Campfire

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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