Mariangeles Puente Duran



A Girl in a Carnival Costume
My Best Friend, My Partner, My Lover


A Family of Lions
A Spring Portrait
Aunt Chicha’s Garden
Autumn Doves
Books and Biscuits
Fancy Dresses
Friday Afternoon
Girl Embraced by Flowers I
Girl Embraced by Flowers II
Here Comes the Ice Cream Man!
I Miss You
Joys of Camping
Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla
Moonlit Lovers
Nearby the University
Nine Moons
Noah’s Ark
Off to School
On Holiday
Recollections of a Time Gone By
Rosas, Margaritas, Lilas
Samson and Delilah - So Close, So Far
Summer Fable
Tarantula Eyes
Teatime Reading
The Crane and Her Friends
The First Jump
The Signal
The Train Arrives at Afternoon
The Vacationers
Time of Enjoyment
Violeta’s Engagement
Waiting for Juan

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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