Ivonaldo Veloso de Melo



Herding the Cattle


Accordion Player Leads the Dance
Banana Trees and Parrots
Basket with Chicken
Bicycle with Cage
Bicycle with Cashews
Bicyclist With Pineapples
Burro and Hens
Chickens and Flowers
Donkey with Cala-Lillies
Driving the Cattle
Father and Son
Feeding the Hens
Girl With Parrot
Heliconias Flowers
Hen’s Salesman
Hens and Eggs
Horse with Fruits
Little Burro with Cashews
Man with Umbrella
Market Flowers
Ox Cart with Bananas
Promenading with Parrot
The Accordionist
The Banana Pickers
The Chicken Salesman
The Hen Sellers
The Herdsman
The Man with the Guitar
The Young Rooster and Young Woman
Wagon With Fruits
Woman With Calla-Lillis
Woman with Flowers

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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