Fausto Perez



America Sofia
Chickens Beware!, 2023
Enjoying the River
Preparing the Field
Snow-cones and Siesta
The Town Train


“La Nina” Is Coming
A Day at the Market
A Morning Siesta
A Village Wedding
An Afternoon Picnic
Arrival of La Corinosita
At the Water Fountain
Boats and Seagulls
Bridge Over Happy Waters
Bridge to Paradise Island
Bus Stop
Calla-Lilly Time
Carnival Week
Celebrating my Birthday
Celebrating Sweet Fifteen
Celebrating the New Train Line
Chatting at Sunrise
Chickens for Sale
Childhood River Memories
Circus at Twilight
Collective Wedding
Corn Festival
Dancing at Our Wedding
Dreams of My Childhood
Enjoying Grandpa’s Tales
Enjoying Our Village Lake
Enjoying the Game
Enjoying the River
Enjoying the Show
Fish Farming
Fish Market Day
Fishing and Swimming
Flavored Ices for Sale
Gladiolas for Sale
Greeting the Bosque Bus
Haircut Day
Happy Moments By the River
Happy Port
Harvest Festival
Harvesting Bananas
Here Comes the Groom
Here Comes the Morning Train
Ice-Cones for Sale
Installing the Circus
Island of My Dreams
It’s Circus Night!
Life Around the River
Life Around the Well
Life by the River
Life in My Village (Diptych)
Life is Beautiful
Morning Fishing
My Town Market
Off to Market
Off to Work
Orange Harvest Time
Our Busy Village
Our Day Begins
Our Day Begins
Our Village at Work and Play
Our Village Festival
Our Village Market Day
Our Village Stream
Our Village Waterfall
Picnic By the River
Playing Among the Palms (diptych)
Salvadorean Circus
Sowed with Love
Story Hour
Sunday Market
Sunday Morning
Sweet Fifteen
The “Dust-Maker”
The Bread Seller
The Carnival Comes to Town
The Circle Dance
The Circus Comes to Town
The Circus Has Returned
The Daily Bus
The Flowers Route
The Forest Route
The Joy of Swinging
The Joys of Childhood
The Joys of Summer
The Joys of Swinging
The Mid Day Bus
The Milkman
The Morning Bus (la Bonita)
The Morning Train (diptych)
The Noon Bus
The Paper Flower Festival
The Performance Begins!
The Pink Morning Bus
The Pink Truck
The Pottery Man
The Scarecrow
The Traveling Circus
The Village Fair
The Village Train
The Village Transport
The Village Wedding
The Weekend Market
Those Were the Days
Tortious Island
Under the Flamboyant Tree
Village Bakery
Village Football
Village Portrait
Water is our Life
We Love Our Market Day (diptych)
Weekend in Our Village
Welcoming the Train
Work and Play
Working Together

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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