Noel Calero



Margay at the Waterfall
Road to New Guinea
Street Party
Village Wedding


A Country Wedding
A Magical Country Night
An Afternoon of Love
Coffee Harvest
Farming Community
Festive Fantasy
Field of Dreams
Flower Field
Folklore Festival
Imagining Nicaragua
Joys of Our Weekend
Life Along the River
Life At Work/ Life At Play
Life in My Hamlet
Life in My Village I
Life in My Village II
Massaya River
Memories of the Morning Train
Moonlight Lovers
Moonrise Over Our Village
My Colorful Nicaragua
My Market, My Town
Nature with Little House
Nicaragua, My Love
Nicaraguan Folklore Festival
Noah's Ark
Our Community at Play
Our Community at Work
Our Farm at Night
Our Life by the River
Our Living Volcanoes
Our Valley of Dreams
Picnic By the River
Picnic in Paradise
Simple Life
Spring Fever
Summer Evening by the Pond
Sweet Fifteen Party
The Bloom of Spring
The Bridge to Nicaragua
The Evening Train is Coming
The Football Game
The Lovers
The Village Dance
The Wedding
Village Festival
Village of My Dreams
Village Wedding
Wedding Bliss
What a Glorious Life!

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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