Mihai Vintila



A Snowy Day
A Summer Idyll
Among Friends
Apple Picking
At the Pub
Bach Concert
Caught in the Act
Children’s Sleigh Ride
Circus II
Eating in the Park
Fair Day in Caransebes
Goat Milk Festival
Grinding the Meat
Harvesting the Wheat
Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing by the Station
In My Garden
Leading the Hay Wagon
Looking for a Stradivarius
Lunchtime in the Field
Milking the Sheep
Music For All
My Mother
My Village I
My Village II
Our Winter Day Begins
Out Shopping
Players on the Roof
Poor Man’s Goat
Popular Orchestra
Preparing Dinner
Pressing the Cabbage
Season’s Greetings
Skating Down the River (triptych)
Sled Riding
Sledding Down the Hill
The Arrival of the Guests
The Barber
The Beer Shop
The Big Wedding
The Card Players
The Crazy Cruise
The Deep Sleep
The Grand Violinist
The Great Frost
The Great Joy
The Happy Gypsies
The Harvest
The Hat Shop
The Hunter
The Lonely Conductor
The New Technology
The Party
The Peak of Winter
The Source of Life
The Tempest
The Three Sisters
The Town Square
The Tunnel Train
The Village Train
The Wedding Photo
The Young Couple
The Young Musicians
To the Market at Dawn
Towards the Market
Train from my Childhood
Wedding on Ice
Wedding Party
Weekend Market
Wine Making
Winter Comes
Winter Goat Festival
Winter in the Village
Winter Triptych (triptych)
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Young Girl With Dog

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


Dan Chill, GINA – Gallery of International Naïve Art
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