Giovanni Galli



A Farm in Umbria
A Little Tree for Warmth
A Lonely Cow in Padana
A Tuscan Town
Alta Val Seriana
An Old Umbrian Village
Apennine Sunset
Autumn - The Four Seasons-Detail
Autumn in Sempione Park
Autumn Light
Autumn: The Grapes are Ready
Big Snowfall in Val Seriara
Blossoming Hawthorns
Countryside in Summer
Cutting the Grass
Daisies of Spring
Delicious Daisies
Ein Gedi by the Sea
Evening Descends
Farmer with Bundles of Wheat
Farmhouse for Sale
Field Work
Fisherman With Boat
Five Large Trees
Forever in Love
Frozen Lake
Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest in Marche
Harvest in Tuscany
Harvesting the Wheat
Horse Riders on Lombardion Moor
Man With Bundles of Wheat
Mystery Woman of Burano
Night Falls
Night Landscape with Full Moon
Olive Harvest
Pathway Through the Woods
Reflections with Twin Boats
Relaxing on the Boat
Repairing the Boat
Riding Up the Hill
River Fishing by the Mountains
Romagnolo Countryside
Sled With Wood
Soft Sunlight
Sowing Time
Spring - The Four Seasons-Detail
Spring Flowers
Summer - The Four Seasons-Detail
Summer: Harvest Time
Summertime in Tuscany
Sun at Sunset
Sunset Over the Countryside
The Beetroot Harvest
The Big Maple Tree
The Buds of Spring
The Colors of Summer
The Fishermen are Resting!
The Flowers of Spring
The Four Seasons
The Gardener
The Giant Tree
The Grain is Ready
The Grain is Ripe
The Grain is Ripe
The Grape Harvest
The Lonely House
The Lovers
The Revolutionary Threshing Machine
The Setting Sun
The Winter's Robin
Under the Moonlight
What Beautiful Daisies
Winter - The Four Seasons -Detail
Winter Arrives

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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