Aimo Katajainen



Adam and Eve
Black Dog - VI
Girl with Dumbbells
Midsummer Night Dance
Pure Enjoyment
Women's Heavyweight Champion of the Worl...


A Mother and Her Children
Black Dog - IV
Black Dog - V
Black Dog - VII
Black Dog- IX
Black Dog X
Black Dog-VIII
Boy in Sailor Suit
Bring on the Clowns
Crowded Roads
Floating Logs
Grandfather’s Ghost Story
Grandpa Dreams of Flying Penguins
My School Bus
Proud To Be Cop
Savoy Bar
The Big Fiddle
The Cards Players
The Garden Party
The Inn of My Dreams
The Logging Contest
The Lumberjack
The Proud Fisherman
The Saxophonist
Under the Apple Tree

· Measurements  are in centimeters, height preceding width (height x width).


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