Raija Nokkala



1956 Born in Forssa, Finland
1980 Studied Speech Therapy, Jyvaskyla University, Finland
1986 Worked as a teacher of special education, Jyvaskyla University, Finland
1993 Director of Theater Arts School TAYK, Helsinki, Finland
1999 Studied International Studies of drama teaching and music theater, Academy of Arts, Turku, Finland
2002 Studied drama manuscript, Academy of Arts, Turku, Finland
Member of Vakka-Suomi Art Association, Art-Itu Association and Kuhankosken Kilta Association

Nature, music and people inspire Raija every day. She lives at the seaside beside the forest, where she can see nature constantly changing because of the different seasons.

There is always music on the background when she paints: from instruments or the great nature.


Raija tells that her paintings are stories about people "but often those people change into all kind of animals. That is why I don’t paint portraits any more. A couple asked me to paint portrait of them. When the portrait was ready, I showed them a painting of two owls."


Solo Exhibitions
1986 Pakkahuone, Uusikaupunki, Finland
1988 Kalanti, Finland
1989 Forssa, Arttina, Finland
1991 Blue Lamp, Laitila, Finland
1991 Blue Garden, Turku, Raatihuone, Finland
1992 Cruselli, Uusikaupunki, Finland
1992 Happy Windows, Uudenkaupunki, Finland
1993 Stories of the Tree, Kalanti, Finland
1993 Vilna, Lithuania
1993 Siauliai, Lithuania
1993 Summes Exhibitions, Uki, Rantapooki, Finland
1994 Lounais-Hame Museum, Forssa, Finland
1994 Summes Exhibitions, Uki, Rantapooki, Finland
1995 Summes Exhibitions, Uki, Rantapooki, Finland
1996 Summes Exhibitions, Uki, Rantapooki, Finland
1997 Summes Exhibitions, Uki, Rantapooki, Finland
1998 Anjalankoski, Finland
2000 Saby, Denmark
2000 Rauma, Finland
2001 Pakkahuone, FInland

Group Exhibitions
1992 Cruselli, Uusikaupunki, Finland
1995 Forssa, Finland
1997 Humppila, Finland
1997 International Mona Lisa Exhibition, Forssa, Vinkkeli, Finland
1998 Urpolan Gallery, Humppila , Finland
1998 Vantaa, Vernissa, Finland
1998 Stockholm, Sweden
1998 Varberg, Sweden
1999 Uusikaupunki, Raatihuone, Finland
2000 WE, Stockholm, Sweden
2001 Cruselli, Uusikaupunki, Finland
2001 Iittala, Finland
2001 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Iittala, Finland
2002 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Stockholm, Sweden
2003 Iittala, Finland
2003 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2004 Iittala, Finland
2004 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2005 Iittala, Finland
2005 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2006 Iittala, Finland
2006 Gallery Taidepiste, Helsinki, Finland
2007 Iittala, Finland
2008 GINA Gallery of International Naןve Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 "Colorful Women", Israel Opera House, Tel Aviv

1998 Artist of the Year, Vakka Association, Suomi, Finland
1999 OAJ Silver Culture Award, Finland
2001 Culture Award, Uusikaupunki City, Finland
2001 Culture Award, Zonta Association, Finland
2002 Artist of the Year, Ensi-ja Turvakotien liitto, Finland
2003 Artist of the Year, Parkinson Association, Finland

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