Merle Reivich

Born in Philadelphia, USA in 1934
Arrived in Mexico in
Paints on silk

Solo Exhibitions
1979 Balance Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1980 Institute of Cultural Relations, Mexico City, Mexico
1981 Siles Gallery, Manzanillo, Colima,Mexico
1981 Cultural Institute C.E.M.A.C., Mexico
1983 Morandi Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1984 Orbe Gallery Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
1987 Merkup Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1989 Arquimides Gallery, Mexico
1991 Sintex Laboratories, Mexico City, Mexico
1983 Izauro Martinez Theater INBA Torreon, Coahuila,Mexico
1999 Stained Glass Gallery IMSS, Mexico City, Mexico
2000 Lopeze Isaza Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2000 Pinacotec of the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico
2001 Cultural Center of San Angel, Mexico City, Mexico
2003 Show of Hands Gallery, Philadelphia, USA
2006 University of the State of Mexico, Toluca, Mexico

Group Exhibitions
1982 Petroleos mexicanos, Mexico City, Mexico
1985 House of art in Brno, Czechoslovakia
1986 United states Artexpo, Los Angeles, USA
1986 United states Artexpo, New York, USA
1987 Swedish Cultural Center, Stockholm, Sweden
1987 Summa Artis Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1990 The museum of Del Carmen, Mexico City, Mexico
1993 ‘Mexico Imagination’, Expo COMAV, Japan
1994 Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
1997 ‘International Naןve Art Expo’, Musee d’art Naןve Yvon-M. Daigle,
Quebec, Canada
1997 Contemporary Museum MUCA, Mexico City, Mexico
1998 Bachillerato College
1998 Bellas Artes, Tolca, Mexico
2000 ‘Third Painting Bi-annual’, The National Institute of Science and
Nutrition, Mexico City, Mexico
2000 International naןve art expo, Guiglia, Italy
2002 Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City, Mexico
2002 Mexican Embassy, Panama City, Panama
2002 ‘First Bi-Annual Naive Art’, Catelvetro, Italy
2003 Leopoldo Flores Museum, Toluca, Mexico
2003 Poliforum Museum, Mexico City, Mexico
2011 ‘4 Artist Invitational Exhibit’, Harrisburg’s First Fine Arts Organization, Harrisburg, USA

1953 Second prize, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, USA
1986 Second prize, acrylic, Chestnut Hill, USA
1988 First prize, acrylic, Art Association of Harrisburg, USA
1995 Award of merit El Dorado Gallery, Colorado Springs, USA
1999 Award of the Advertising Symbol of the 5th Naive Art Show, Guiglia,
2007 Painting was chosen as the symbol of the 7th Binational Health Week in

Public Collections
Musee d’art Naןve Yvon-M. Daigle, Quebec, Canada
The Contemporary University Art Museum, MUCA, Mexico City, Mexico
The International Naive Art Museum, Guiglia, Italy

‘Plastic Artists”, Mexico
“Mexican Art of Ingenuousness”, Hugo Covantes
“Colors of Thoughts from Border to Border”, (MUCA), Mexico
‘Plastic Artists of Xochimilco”, Mexico

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