Jorgelina Flores

1927 (-2012) Born in Rafaela, Entre Rםos Province, Argentina
1960 Began her artistic career as a painter
1968-1988 Scenography Head Director at the Municipal General San Martin Theatre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Exhibitions
1983 Stuart Gallery, New York
1983 Institute of Arts, Michigan, USA
1983 Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires
1984 Fernandez Blanco Museum, Buenos Aires
1985 Buenos Aires Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
1985 Expo Art 85 Graphic Exhibition, New York
1987 Expo Art 87 Graphic Exhibition, New York
1987 Expo Art 87 serigraphy Exhibition, New York
1987 Exhbitions’ Municipal Salon, Buenos Aires
1987 National Congress, Argentina
1988 Conneticut Gallery, Conneticut, USA
1988 Naןve paintings wandering exhibition in Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Tchecoslovaquia, Albania, Malta and Italy (under the auspices of the Argentinian Chancellery)
1989 Expo Art Graphic Exhibition, New York
1989 Praxis Gallery, New York
1989 Barquillo Exhibition Hall, Caja de Madrid, Madrid
1989 Alcala Exhibtion Hall, Caja de Madrid, Alcala de Henares, Spain
1989 “Theatre and the Naives”, Albeniz Theater, Madrid
1990 Naןve Painting Exhibtion, Mahon, Menorca’s Isle, Spain
1990 Margerit Gallery, Madrid
1991 Expo Art 91 Serygraphies, New York,
1991 Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam
1991 Expo Art 91 serigraphy Exhibition, New York
1991 Arcimboldo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay
1995 Cantegrill Country Club, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Public Collections
Musee D’Art Naןf, Versailles, France
Musee D’Art Naןf Max Fourny, Les Halles, Paris
International Naןve Art Museum of Desputacion de Jaen, Spain
Naןve Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro
Institute of Arts, Michigan, USA
IBM Latinoamerican Exhibition, New York
President’s Office at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam
Argentine Airlines President’s Office, Buenos Aires
Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires
Hotel Aries, Las Lenas-Mendoza, Argentina
Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam
Collection of the former president Raul Alfonsin
Collection of the former president Raul Alfonsin Carlos Menem
Collection of His Majesty Juan Carlos I of Spain
Collection of the Queen of Holland Juliana
Private collections in the Unites States, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Japan, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador and Panama

"L’Arbre et les Naifs", Max Fourny, 1990, Paris
"La Cite et les Naifs", Max Fourny, 1986, Paris
"The Theater in Naןve Painting", The Cultural Activities and Research center of the Community of Madrid
"Art Mail", Madrid
"Angels seeking for infancy", Eduardo Gudino Kieffer, Gaglianone Editions, Argentina
"Argentina, It’s Naןve Art", Cesar Magrini, Art Update editions, Argentina

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