Dragica Gajic

1944 Born in Serbia
1972 Began her artistic career
Grew up in Sekuric, a village where the legend of Janko Brasic, whose paintings made Levac famous, is constantly being told and recounted
Since 1973 has participated in almost every Salon and Biennial held by the Museum of Naןve Art in Jagodina

Solo Exhibitions
1982 Museum of Naןve Art, Jagodina, Serbia

Group Exhibitions
1972 Ljubostinja Monastery, Serbia
1973 Salon of Self-taught Painters, Jagodina, Serbia
1974 Krull Krefeld Gallery, Krefeld
1974 Milan Gallery, Berlin
1974 Saint Dominique Gallery, Lyon, France
1975 “Naןve painters of Yugoslavia”, Lafayette Gallery, Paris
1975 Saint Dominique Gallery, Lyon, France
1976 Vladimir Gallery, Schorndorf
1980 Metz Gallery, Munich
1989 “Serbian Naןve Art”,Art Connection Gallery, Melbourne
1990 “Naןve Art Masters”, The Highway Gallery, Melbourne
1992 Belmoral Art Galleries, Geelong
1993 “The Yugoslav Naives”, The Magic Art Center, New York
2005 “Shades of Contrasting Cultures”, GINA Gallery of International Naןve Art, Tel Aviv

Catalogue of the 6th Biennial of Naive Art, Museum of Naןve Art, 1993, Jagodina
“Naןve Art in Serbia”, The Serbian Academy or Art and the Museum of Naןve Art, Jagodina

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